Boston-The Computer Museum

Address: 300 Congress Street, Boston MA 02210
Phone: (617) 423-6758
Hours: Tue- Sun 10:00am-5:00pm

The Computer Museum You'll have more fun than humanly possible at The Computer Museum. It's the only place in the world where you can explore a 50-times life-size working PC, dance on the 20-foot long keyboard, test drive the Information Highway, surf the Internet, monitor air traffic nationwide, spend a million dollars, pilot a DC-10, breed your own electronic fish, and travel through computer history. We have more than 150 interactive exhibits in five large, colorful galleries.

The Computer Museum

What's New & What's Cool at The Computer Museum: "Introduction to the Internet Seminars for Beginners" & "Introduction to the Web with Weekly Hotlist." Daily seminars answer basic Internet questions, guide you out onto the Internet, and show you how to find the newest, coolest and most interesting locations in "cyberspace." Seminars are offered daily at 1:15pm and at 4:00pm on weekends.

"If you're confused about what the Information Highway is and how it works, this fascinating exhibit is an innovative way to learn about it. Two thumbs up for "The Networked Planet."
---Boston Globe
"Don't miss this place. While youngsters love the place, parents -- especially those from the pre-computer generation -- may have even more fun gaining familiarity with the programs and possibilities through play."
---Washington Times
The Computer Museum "This is a playground to beat all playgrounds."
---Panorama Magazine
"The folks at The Computer Museum have always had a knack for making computers understandable, even for the technophobes who still haven't figured out how to set the clock on their VCRs."
---Boston Globe
"On weekends, it is not unusual to see the schoolchildren return with their parents in tow."
---The New York Times

The Computer Museum

The question we are asked most often is: "Can you recommend good software for my kids?" "The Computer Museum Guide to the Best Software for Kids" answers this question thoroughly. It recommends more than 200 great software titles for kids 2-12. To purchase your copy, please visit The Computer Museum Store, call 617-426-2800 x307, or visit our Internet site at:
The Computer Museum

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